Pick Up Great Fashions in NYC’s Garment District

Pick Up Great Fashions in NYC's Garment District

You know it maybe by some other names. Garment Center, Fashion Center or Fashion District. But one thing is clear, the name comes from the density of fashion related designers, showrooms, fabric and material suppliers and production facilities.It is a neighborhood between Fifth and Ninth Avenue. Some of the famous fashion labels like Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, Nicole Miller, Oscar de la Renta are just a few of the names that have their business tied to and located in Garment District. Every fashionista dream is to visit the Garment District. Even if you do not follow trends in fashion, or you are not interested in it at all, Garment District will make you fall in love with fashion. Mesmerize you with its culturally rich history. It is a fashion wonderland.


Fashion Walk of Fame

One of the most famous attraction is the Fashion Walk of Fame. And it carries the title of the only permanent landmark that is dedicated to American Fashion. It honors chosen designers in form of embedded plaques into the sidewalk. Marc Jacobs has the plague between 41st and 40th street, while Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein have theirs between 40th and 39th street among other designers that have impacted the fashion world.

Needle threading a button

Designed in the 90’s by Pentagram Architectural Services, this impressive 31 feet tall sculpture is hard to miss. Located at the Fashion Center kiosk at Seventh Avenue and 39th Street in New York City. It is definitely one of the things to see, while you are exploring this ultimate fashion neighborhood.

Statue of Ralph Kramden

Ralph Kramden is a fictional character played by Jackie Gleason in the old sitcom “The Honeymooners” which was also created by J. Gleason. Many of you probably did not hear of him, but he was the inspiration behind the creation of animated character Fred Flintstone. The Ralph character was a bus driver, and he received honorary membership in the union for real New York City bus drivers. The statue was unveiled in front of The Port Authority Bus Terminal in 2000, almost 45 years after the show aired for the first time. This eight feet tall bronze statue displayed Jackie Gleason in bus drives uniform.

Sample Sales

One of the most interesting parts for every fashionista is in fact- Sample Sales. On the official website, there is a list that is updated every Monday. It features amazing deals on designer apparel, listing the duration, location and the name of the sales that are currently active. It gives the opportunity to affordably purchase high-end fashion items.


The Garment District offers plenty of entertainment, and to be sure not to miss out on anything, the best way is to plan your visit. On the website, they offer insight and information about everything that is happening.

  • Events that are currently ongoing in certain time frames.
  • Deals for Theaters, Hotels, Restaurants and many more service activities.
  • Public directory of all commercial and fashion-industry businesses in the area
  • Walking, Educational & Historical and Shopping tours.
  • Hotels in the area

Garment District in its diversity really has a little bit for everyone. Get your fashion sense on and explore the newest trends. Learn something on the Educational & Historical tour. And enjoy the delightful cuisine in the district that has so many stories, and such a rich impact not only on the fashion but on the society as well.

Every Fashionista Needs to go to Fashion Week at Least Once

Every Fashionista Needs to go to Fashion Week at Least Once

Thousands of fashionista do attend fashion week every season! Why do you think they go? Is it because of their job? Or what are they looking for in the shows?

Every Fashionista Needs to go to Fashion Week at Least Once

Going to a fashion week is good for every fashionista as it will help them to plan on what to buy for their different stores. During fashion week, it will be easier to spot trends – it will be easier to work out which one you feel strongly about and which ones your customers will love. A great opportunity to catch up with everyone is during the fashion week including the editors, designers, and even customers. So, as a fashionista visiting a fashion week, you will feel inspired, not just on the side of your business but also from a creative point of view too. This shows that visiting a fashion week is very important for fashionistas.

How Do You Decide What Shows to go?

Deciding on which show you attend do comes down to logistics, as you will see a lot and do a lot in one day. As a fashionista, it is better to attend fashion week shows in the mornings and evenings – this will make you have a longer time on buying appointments during the day – since buying appointment is a must! The fashion week shows display a designer’s idea in full effect, and the marketing explanation of that vision is buying appointments. To appreciate the worth or value of the fashion week, you will need to attend the show and a buying appointment. Also, you will be able to get into the mindset of your customer because you will be able to feel, touch, and even try the product while buying an appointment. You will have a full thought of how your customer will feel and where she will go in it. You may spend hours or even days while buying appointments but it will help you know more about the order you want to place.  Here is a look at some of the shows during fashion week.

Do You Make Orders During or After Fashion Week?

Orders are placed after fashion week. This is done to decide what to buy after seeing everything. There are a lot of things you have to consider including your budget so that you think clearly away from the frenzy of fashion week.

How Do You Note Everything You See and Will Like to Have in Your Store and Online?

Doing this is not easy, but can be easily done with the available technology. You can have several folders on your desktop for shoes and accessories, casual wear and for bags – and add photos you have taken into each folder. You can travel with a team including your analyst and both in-store and online buyers.

State of New Jersey Preschool Program Implementation Guidelines

I have an eight-year-old daughter named Makenzie. She’s beautiful and smart and so talkative. She reads books a year or two above her grade level and is overall a thriving and happy child.

A few years ago, I would never have expected to see this from her. At the age of two, Makenzie still hadn’t spoken her first word. By the age of three, she had a vocabulary of less than two dozen words.

We made the decision to enroll her in an “early intervention” preschool program-Visit Tessa– for special needs children. After testing her, the instructors said she had the verbal skills of a 12-month-old child and the intellectual skills of a 16-month-old. At this point, Makenzie’s actual age was exactly 36 months.

Initially, the school began with programs to help us connect with Makenzie. They provided us with resources for sign language and helped us find a community agency that could pay for a speech tablet. We were told it was likely she would never learn to speak like a neurotypical child.

However, within a year of enrolling her in this preschool, we saw a huge change helping children to learn. I don’t think she would have grown nearly as much without the early intervention preschool program. By the end of her first year in preschool, Makenzie’s vocabulary had grown from around twenty words to over two hundred.

Testing at the beginning of her second year of the preschool program showed that her intellectual abilities were closing the gap on her chronological age quite quickly. Her verbal skills were growing too, but not quite as fast, showing that she had the verbal skills of a 4-month-old on her fourth birthday.

The explosive growth in her skills continued through her second year in preschool. By the time spring rolled around, we were talking with the local school about transitioning her into a typical kindergarten classroom. She wasn’t even going to need to have one on one support.

I could hardly believe we were there, having that conversation. I never expected that she would go from barely speaking at the age of three to being ready to start kindergarten with her peers. And yet, there we were, showing our almost five-year-old around a kindergarten classroom just like all the other parents.

These days, Makenzie is in the third grade. She is thriving in her classroom, keeping up with schoolwork and making friends easily. Other than a slight speech impediment, she has no symptoms of her earlier language delays. People who meet her now have no idea of her struggles.

I know I have her early intervention preschool program to thank for this. Preschool was a godsend. I can only hope that everyone with a child who might need a little extra push has access to the preschool programs they need.

Even neurotypical children can benefit from preschool programs, I think. It gets them ready for school and also spots any issues they might have. Early preschool is something everyone should have access to.